Towards World Peace: United Nations 2.0 - The Hague Academic Coalition (HAC)
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Towards World Peace: United Nations 2.0

Meet up in Humanity House on May 13, 2017

This meet up is about possibilities for a new Global Governance Structure. The results of the meet up will be used to participate in ‘A New Shape Competition’ from the Global Challenes Foundation. The aim of the prize is to find models or frameworks for international cooperation, capable of addressing problems such as climate change, violent conflicts, extreme poverty and population growth.

Speakers are:

Amin Rafiee of Bitnation

May-May Meijer of Peace SOS

Joost Herman of the University of Groningen

Peter van Vliet of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Simone Filippini of the Dutch United Nations Association

Audifax Ndabitoreye, independent president candidate 2015

Charles Dickson of World Solar Fund


Moderator is Sandra Rottenberg

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