Grotius Centre/Leiden University – Campus The Hague - The Hague Academic Coalition (HAC)
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Grotius Centre/Leiden University – Campus The Hague

Universiteit Leiden – Campus The Hague

Since the late 1990s Leiden University has had locations in two cities: Leiden and The Hague. Six of the University’s seven faculties are now active at Campus The Hague. The Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs is located fully and exclusively in The Hague, as are our Leiden University College and International Studies, the biggest programme taught by the Faculty of Humanities.

Four key themes in The Hague

Teaching and research in The Hague closely reflect the profile of the city – City of Peace, Security and Justice – and the many other opportunities offered by the city. Our teaching and research at Campus The Hague centre on four key themes:

  1. International law, peace and security
  2. Politics and public administration
  3. Urban issues
  4. Health and patient care

Organisations and institutions in The Hague

Much of the academic teaching and research in The Hague is directly related to the work of the numerous organisations and institutions in the city that are engaged in peace, security and justice. These include the Dutch Parliament, ministries, national and international law courts, European institutions, inter-government and non-government organisations, embassies, and diplomatic and other legal and societal institutions.

Moreover, The Hague as a major city is highly suited for teaching and research on typical urban issues. Leiden University offers a number of bachelor’s programmes in The Hague: Public Administration, Liberal Arts and Sciences: Global Challenges, International Studies, and, together with Erasmus University Rotterdam, the specialism in Information Science and Economy. September 2017 will see the start of the new Security Studies programme and the bachelor’s specialisation in International Relations and Organisations that has moved from Leiden to The Hague. The University also offers a range of master’s programmes, including several advanced master’s tracks.


The LUMC collaborates closely with the STZ hospitals in The Hague in the area of innovation in patient care and training, medical education and patient-related research.

Flourishing campus life

The Hague wants to develop further as a flourishing university city. The University has much to offer the city, not only in the form of its students, highly educated graduates and academic knowledge, but also a breeding ground for talent, innovation, start-ups and post-academic teaching. The further development of campus life in The Hague is therefore high on the agendas of both University and city.

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